Raffaella Falchi

Raffaella Falchi grew up immersed in the rich cultural traditions from her Sicilian and Argentinian immigrant family origins and the rich diversity that characterizes the Bay Area. She received her B.A. in Psychology and a Minor Art from UC Berkeley in 2001 and a Masters of Architecture from CCA in 2007. She divides her time between working as a program director for a San Francisco non-profit Out of Site Youth Arts Center and teaching. She has been involved in the San Francisco community for the past five years through teaching architecture to high school youth and teaching Brazilian dance.

Raffaella has been dancing professionally since 1998. She has studied Brazilian dance extensively both locally and in Brazil. Raffaella’s dance training and experience includes performing professionally with numerous Brazilian dance companies in the Bay Area and performing both locally and internationally both in Europe and Brazil. She has performed in numerous types of events including the SF Carnaval Ball and numerous SF Carnaval Parades. Raffaella began teaching Brazilian dance in 2003. Her samba class was awarded best of the bay in 2004. In 2004, she became co-founder of Sambamora Dance Company and recently in 2010 started her own dance company Sambaxé.

As the Founder and Artistic Director of Sambaxé, Raffaella Falchi, teaches Brazilian dance classes in various dance studios in San Francisco including ODC/Rythym & Motion & Dance Mission. Everyone from young kids to adults are welcome to join her weekly classes. Her philosophy is to create a fun, safe environment for dancers to explore Samba. Raffaella is passionate about Brazilian culture and is happy to share this passion with others. Join our Sambaxé community as we celebrate life through music and dance.


Alfie Macias

Alfie Macias has been studying and performing a variety of percussion genres for the last 15 years. For the past 8 years Alfie Macias has been providing Music Classes to L.R. Flynn, McKinley, Glen Park, Monroe, and Hillcrest Elementary Schools For The San Francisco Arts Education Project. As well as develping curriculum and teaching percussion / music production classes to public high school students through Out of Site Youth Arts Center. These performance based classes are a Music and Cultural Exploration through the art of Traditional and Contemporary Percussion.

Alfie is the founder of Bateria Blocura, a performance based percussion ensemble that plays for dance classes at Dance Mission and ODC as well as many performances both nationally and internationally. He is a multi talented musical artist who is well known as both a traditional percussionist but also as a world music deejay. Alfie is passionate about passing down musical tradition and he continues to do so with our future generations.